We promise usage of first class materials and works are carried out by VasthuSastram and IS Engineering practices. We provide best quality of individual homes under the requirements mentioned below...

High grade of Concrete M15

is used for all structural works including foundation works as per soil conditions.

TMT rods of FE 500

All structural fabrication works are carried out by TMT rods of FE 500 grade steel rods.

Masonry works (Brick works)

First class bricks are used at super structural works with necessary curing procedures. Below plinth level – Red bricks / Fly Ash bricks are used to provide necessary strength. Parapet wall of 4 ft. height is provided for safety purpose except front portion.

Plastering works

We provide a 1:4 ratio plasters of 15mm thick at internal walls and Ceiling and 1:6 ratio plasters of 20mm thick at external walls with proper curing process except front elevation.

TMT rods of FE 500

All structural fabrication works are carried out by TMT rods of FE 500 grade steel rods

Flooring works

  • For all Carpet Area excluding balconies and verandah are provided with vitrified tile materials
  • For Kitchen – Wall cladding Kitchen tiles are fixed at 3ft height
  • For Toilet – Mat finished vitrified tiles for flooring and wall cladding tiles are fixed at 7ft height
  • For Terrace – 3 inch screed concrete with weather proof Terrace tiles are fixed

Plumbing works

Concealed pipelines of CPVC pies are provided at internal toilets and kitchen area with necessary plumbing accessories (taps, shower mixers) and Heater set up. Toilet (Western /Indian type clause) is provided as per client’s requirements with complete set up of plumbing fittings.

Electrical works

Good quality electrical wiring is carried out with concealed PVC piping at interior portions connected with switch boards. Electrical fitting provisions will be provided


We provide a good appearance with a coat of Cement primer with 2 coats of interior emulsion at all interior walls. For Exterior wall except front elevation, 2 coats of cement primer with white exterior distemper coating. Color selection and type of materials are based on client’s requirement under estimated budget.

Doors and Windows

All types of frames and shutters are provided with good quality and respective seasoning methods are carried out.

  • Main door – Teak wood
  • Bed room door – membrane wood
  • Toilet door – Paneled wood
  • Windows and Ventilators – Frames are made up of membrane wood with glass shutters and grill.
UPVC doors and windows are available as per Client’s requirements.

Furnishing works

  • Kitchen Tap is provided with Granite slab and well resin-stained
  • SS Wash Basin with complete setup is provided

Note - The below mentioned work will be done by us on the rate of half of Sft.

  • Designed compound wall with Steel gate and post
  • Front elevations works including painting
  • Paver blocks fixing around lawn area
  • Terrace plantation/Architectural works above roof level
  • Meter box fixing and power supply from post to inner units

Note - The mentioned works will not be taken under our consideration

  • Bore work, water provision and current bill
  • Electricity corporation approval work
  • Plan approval and permission work
  • Rain water harvesting

We also carry out all type of furnishing/Carpentry works under separate rate. Interior designs like all paper fixing, wall painting (emulsion or oil painting), false ceiling works for internal decorations.

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