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An open floorplan is one which esteems wide, unenclosed spaces. They are made conceivable by shade divider innovation, built timber and bracket frameworks, and attentive basic plan which consider bigger clear-ranges than some time ago conceivable in private development.

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Approval Plan

Stilt + 2 floors / Ground floor plus First floor with 6 dwelling units up to a height of 9 meters with unlimited built-up-area. As per Chennai Corporation rule.

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Building Elevation

An orthographic projection drawing that indicates one side of the house. The reason for a rise attracting is to demonstrate the completed appearance of a given side of the house and outfit vertical stature measurements. Four heights are generally drawn, one for each side of the house.

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  • Decide Your Costs
  • Apply a Markup that will return the suitable benefit after costs
  • You know the familiar axiom, "Waste in. ...
  • In RPM, we estimate a 105 days to finish a 600 sq.ft project.

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Building Contract

A mutual agreement between a proprietor or occupier of land and a building temporary worker, putting forward the terms under which development is to be completed, premise of compensation, time scale, and punishments, assuming any, for inability to follow terms of the agreement.

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Digital Land Survey

Computerized studying and mapping of earth surface utilizing absolute station, GPS and mapping programming.

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Sketch layout

Begins with an instant building plan format. Information your site design estimations and building measurements. Look over a huge number of images and expert structure subjects to make your arrangements wake up. Offers mechanized illustration innovation, not at all like substandard manual building plan programming. This automation makes it simple for anybody to interface dividers and make a format, additionally extraordinary at illustration different sorts of floor designs and scene plans.

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Sketch Layout Plotting

You can make a CAD polyline portrayal of your plot plan utilizing the separation and bearing data from a study, at that point alter the rectangular Terrain Perimeter line to fit it precisely.

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Stone Painting

We offer stone painting/rock art that are used for religious interpretations which represents our cultural behaviour.

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Design work

Comprehensively dependent on compositional, designing and specialized applications to the plan of structures. We have separate Draftsman for every one of our undertaking's plan.

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Home loan arrangements

Regularly viewed as a standout amongst the most satisfying things to achieve, building your fantasy home starting with no outside help is a magnificent idea for all of us. With your purchased land underneath your feet, there's nothing preventing you from seeing your fantasy venture being finished, step by determined step. With us, you can make ready to guarantee your home gets developed only the manner in which you need it to. A home advance for self-development can be effectively profited, with adaptable residencies and decreased EMI Rates, you can really construct your fantasy home from the beginning.

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